Saturday, June 04, 2011


Luxembourg is a small country (only 2,586 square kilometers, or 999 square miles), but probably one of our favorite countries in Europe.

A church in Luxembourg City

Casements in Luxembourg City, an immense underground military defense system

Street in Luxembourg City

Building in Luxembourg City

Entrance to Luxembourg American Military Cemetery

Chapel memorial in the Luxembourg American Military Cemetery

There are 5,076 American military personnel buried in the cemetery. While in the cemetery, there is no doubt you are on hollowed ground.

General Patton's grave

American Military Cemetery

Chapel memorial in the American Military Cemetery

A mosaic in the chapel ceiling depicts the Holy Spirit as a dove on a cloud held by four angels

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View of Castle overlooking the town of Vianden, Luxembourg

View of the Our River in Vianden

Victor Hugo house in Vianden, Luxembourg

Vine-covered home in Vianden, Luxembourg