Sunday, February 20, 2011


Someone's excited for Belgian chocolate!

Parc du Cinquantanaire in Brussels, Leopold II's 1880 celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Belgian state

Chocolate store in Brussels

Lace store in Brussels

Biggest Guitar in the Universe

Grand' Place in Brussels

Belgian waffle goodness in Bruges

More Belgian waffle goodness in Bruges

Bruges Markt

Cupcake shop in Bruges

Boat ramp entrance in Bruges

The two "Mr. Ricks" in Bruges



Canal boat ride in Bruges

Canal view of Belfry in Bruges

Stained glass window in Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges (in the church, their is a sacred vial believed to contain drops of Christ's blood, brought to Bruges in 1150 from the Holy Land)

Belfry chamber containing a clock mechanism and copper drum, which controls a 47-bell carillon

View from atop the belfry tower in Bruges (366 stairs up)

Finishing out the trip with an omelette and Flemish stew at Restaurant t'Putje in Bruges